my heart is full…

“What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around.”

~ Justin Timberlake

I like to stick it to people. And when I say that, it’s not meant in a watch-out-for-that-horse’s-head-in-your-bed type of way. I do it by treating people to home-baked goods, going for a mid-afternoon Tim’s run or leaving what I hope are thoughtful gifts for them to find.

Why? Simply because I love to see the smile it brings to their faces or to hear how they’ve enjoyed something I’ve made… it fills my cup.

And it’s these same people who have returned the favour on countless occasions. Leaving my favourite Tim’s or Starbucks beverage on my desk at work (even though I’ve told them repeatedly they don’t have to, you know who you are!) or treating me to that Second Cup biscotti or Lazar rice pudding they know I love.

In fact, my friend Jen did just that the other day. She had listened to me explain, on one of our daily walks, that I was hoping to create a fun Easter craft I had seen on Pinterest for the 15 family members coming to our house on Sunday. But, I wasn’t able to find those darn marshmallow creatures anywhere. So what did I find sitting on my desk Tuesday morning? You guessed it…


As you might recall in my blog “that’s great, but what did you learn?” I mentioned the first store we visited on our St. John’s shopping spree was Johnny Ruth and Living Planet because of the heart pillow we had seen in the window.

It was in this same breath, one I had totally forgotten about, that our EMCEE Michelle had playfully warned “I’m going to buy that pillow for you when we get back”. We had a laugh and I hadn’t given it another thought… until today.

After my morning walk I came back to my office to find this pretty package sitting on my chair…


My first reaction was the same one The Old Man in A Christmas Story had upon the delivery of his “major award”. “Oh my… there could be anything in there!”

Bursting with anticipation I opened the card and read the sweet message Michelle had written inside…


As if that wasn’t enough, when I pulled away the tissue paper I couldn’t believe my eyes… it was the same heart pillow we had seen that first afternoon together in Newfoundland!


Rarely am I at a loss for words, and thankfully Michelle had a colleague in her office when I dropped by to thank her for the awesome gift or else I would have cried… and we’re talking an ugly cry. The kind of cry that not only embarrasses you, but all those in the general vicinity.

This thoughtful gesture truly touched my heart and made me feel both thankful and blessed for the people I’m surrounded by on a daily basis. Thank YOU, Michelle!

A reminder that whatever goes around does come back around – and in the best possible way. You never know who is listening to you ramble on about something that matters to you… but it is those same amazing people who, as you journey through life, truly illustrate what a wonderful world it can be.


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