batten down the hatches, there’s a storm a comin’

“This too shall pass.” ~ I Corinthians 10:12

If you read last week’s blog post, you know I’m all about acceptance… or at least I think I am. Isn’t it funny that as soon as say something (both verbal and written apply), The Universe takes it as a silent challenge to put you to the test?

Now I’m not saying anything catastrophic happened to me this week, it was just the usual work-is-overwhelming-is-it-ever-going-to-end-are-we-there-yet type of week. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. In fact, I am writing this as I give thanks and appreciate everything that has been given to me, as I know others at this very moment are not so lucky.

Have I been through my own hardships? Yes sir. But we all have. There’s nothing really special about mine, just the fact that they’re mine makes them special to me. Some haven’t had it as bad, yet others have had it 100 times worse. And so I got to thinking about life’s storms.

It’s great to say there is a rainbow after the storm (and while I truly believe there is) there can also be a hell of a lot of thunder and lightning to endure to get there.

There are those storms that bestow bright lightning and thunder in your life, which make you jump with fright and perhaps a little exhilaration. Those are the ones you can almost enjoy a bit because you know in the end everything will be okay.

Then there are those that force you to bare the brunt of whipping, angry rain, while you white knuckle your way through it praying you’ll be okay. These are the ones you just want to get through, the ones that you know will either take a piece of you or leave you wondering if you’re going to make it out okay, if not changed forever.

When I share my heart “story” with people, they’re surprised that I’m so upbeat. Wow, how are you so positive? Easy – I have a lot to for which to be thankful. I have my health, I beat the odds, I am living my life – every day.

And although it doesn’t play on my mind 24-7, I know how lucky I am. Yes, I’ve had my share of losses – both grandparents, an uncle and a godfather are the most noticeable absences in my everyday life – but I’ve never lost a parent or had to sit by a spouse’s bedside praying that he’ll be okay. I’ve been spared… so far.

Yet over the years I’ve met my share of people. People who, once you discover their real “story”, you wonder how they made it out alive… never mind in one piece. The 16-year-old who found his mom after she suffered a fatal heart attack, the young woman who fought cancer while planning a wedding to the love of her life, a wife who lost her husband of 25 years in just six short months to cancer.

I know these people, I care about these people, my heart goes out to these people. These are the storms in life that matter – the ones we should give our full attention. And while it might not seem like a good enough reason – and might take years from which to recover – they are there to teach us… to give us insight into ourselves, our character, and the strength we never knew we had. They are also there to show us an incredible outpouring of love through the wonderful people who come to our rescue, stand by our sides and weather the storm right along with us.

So when the rain whips at your face, the lightning stings your eyes and the thunder threatens to uproot your whole world, just hold on. Even if that’s the only thing you can do, it’s something. And take comfort in the fact that there are others who have either survived the same storm or are there to throw you a life preserver so you can make it through as unscathed as humanly possible.


2 thoughts on “batten down the hatches, there’s a storm a comin’

  1. You are so “right on” Andrea . We live life with a positive attitude and create memories to keep everyone that has had an effect on us close to our heart. This helps to get through tough times……keep their memories alive and pass them on! Thanks for your words of wisdom. Ht

    • Thank you Heather! This week’s blog was actually going to focus on happiness and optimism, but with people going through their own storms right now I had to write this… To let them know they’re not alone, even when they feel they are.

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